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Some Chrysin Myths, Debunked

We are always looking for supplements and vitamins to improve our health, athletic performance and to ward off disease. Sometimes a natural supplement comes along that will aid in attaining all or some of those goals. Although, myths can be generated that could make a supplement seem like more than it truly is.

What is Chrysin?

Chrysin is a naturally occurring flavonoid that can be found in many different types of plants. Among some of those plants include the silver linden, geraniums, and chamomile. It can also be found in honeycombs. As a natural supplement it is relatively easy to find and affordable for almost any budget.

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What it is said to be able to do

Chrysin has many supporters ho hold very strong beliefs in what it can do for us. One of the most common beliefs that are circulating is that it is an excellent supplement for body builders. Many believe that chrysin can aid in the production of testosterone. This is necessary to generate enough energy to lift heavier weights and to amass body muscle.

Another positive effect that chrysin is believed to have for people is that it will act as an anti-inflammatory. It is believed to block the toxins that cause swelling in the body and help to relieve pain. Some also seem to think that it will aid in boosting metabolism, fighting off certain types of cancer, as ell as work to lessen the symptoms of HIV and AIDS.

Among some of the other benefits of using Chrysin include fighting gout and prevent baldness. Erectile dysfunction is also said to be reversed if the individual is using Chrysin in their daily health routine.

Medical Results

Medical testing and results do not hold such a positive outlook for Chrysin. Researchers have applied the supplement in many different tests, some in test tube others on living animals. What they have found does not quite measure up to what supporters want to believe about the supplement.

As far as increasing the level of testosterone in the body, this is not entirely true. With one pill a day no definitive increases were detected. As a matter of fact, when working with live tissue Chrysin did not seem to be absorbed. This does not mean that the supplement does not have any benefits that the bodybuilder may garner from it. It did seem to work well in aiding the body in absorbing other necessary supplements to build muscle mass.

Chrysin also did not appear to excel the metabolism in the body. When a placebo was used next to a blind test with Chrysin, neither test subject showed an increase in metabolism or energy levels. Testing of the supplement has not been conclusive to any extent, but the claims made about the supplement simply do not seem to be panning out as the supporters would like them to.

A Positive Side

While Chrysin does not seem to be living up to the claims that many have, it does still have a positive side. It has been seen that it can slightly boost mood. It has also been shown to be a very good enabler of other supplements helping the body to absorb a wide range of vitamins and supplements it had not before absorbed well.

Another positive side to using Chrysin is that it does not appear to have any negative side effects associated with its use. There are also no long-term issues associated with taking this supplement. As an herbal supplement, it’s rather easy to find and affordable for almost every budget.

The Long Term

While immediate boosts in testosterone were not found, in some individuals after they had been taking Chrysin for more than 60 days, testosterone levels did increase. This is a positive in that many of the other suspected benefits from this supplement may also kick in after a time of continual use.

As a note, the only suspected downside to using Chrysin has been weight gain. This is because it appears to have some affect on the functioning of the thyroid. It is not presently known what this effect may be, or if it is long term or not, but many have complained of uncontrolled weight gain.

To get the most out of taking Chrysin, be sure you combine it with other ingredients that help enhance the effects. The best way to do this is with Spartagen XT which can be found here: NYHF.org

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