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How Zinc Reduces Raised Estrogen Levels In Men

Everyone has testosterone and estrogen hormones in their body. Men have more testosterone than estrogen, and the correct balance is what makes up their manly personality and traits. However, some males suffer from decreased testosterone levels and raised estrogen levels. It is normal for these levels to change with age. Normal testosterone levels for adult males is between 280 and 1,100 nanograms per deciliter. Normal estrogen levels for adult males is between 25 and 50 picograms per milliliter. Zinc taken as a supplement or included in one’s diet has been found to reduce heightened estrogen levels in men.

Zinc is a mineral that is not stored by the human body, and much of it is lost through perspiration. A daily dose of zinc of not less than 15 mg but no more than 40 mg is recommended by most doctors. This antioxidant is found in eggs, beans, nuts and whole grains. Other sources include seafood like oysters, lobster and crab as well as red meat like lamb, pork, beef and steak. Daily supplements in pill form can also be taken to increase one’s levels.

Zinc promotes fertility and properly functioning reproductive and immune systems. This metal also helps wounds heal quickly and promotes good night vision and normal body growth. Decreased levels cause depression, decreased taste sensation, hair loss, forgetfulness, lack of concentration and improper functioning of white and red blood cells. Studies have shown that zinc reduces high estrogen levels in men by increasing the production of testosterone. This component also blocks the production of estrogen by the enzyme aromatase. This enzyme changes testosterone cells into estrogen cells through a process called aromatization. Increased number of fat cells prompts the production of this enzyme.

Decreased testosterone levels in men result in decreased sperm counts, bone density, energy, sex drive and muscle mass. Affected men may also suffer from insomnia, impotence, infertility and personality changes like meekness, low self esteem and anxiety. Low levels often indicate a zinc deficiency.

Normal estrogen levels in men support the reproductive process, maintain weight, encourage a healthy thyroid and prevent heart disease and heart attacks. Higher estrogen levels decrease testosterone numbers, affect liver function, increase feminine personality traits and lead to weight gain.

Heightened estrogen levels can also be caused by estrogen-like components found in processed food and plastics like water bottles and microwaveable meals. Even everyday personal items like, detergent, hairspray, shampoo, perfume, cologne and moisturizer consist of ingredients similar to estrogen.

In conclusion, men with high levels of the estrogen hormone benefit from taking zinc. This dietary mineral brings the levels of both hormones back to proper levels. A healthy balance is achieved whether the problem was caused within the body or brought in from outside sources. If you want to find out more about the ingredients in Spartagen XT, read this review, as it has everything you need to know about the 100% safe and natural ingredients.

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