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Five Different Herbs That Enhance Energy Levels

During the afternoon, people tend to lose some of their energy level. In this health conscious world, people are looking for something that will lift their energy levels without increasing their sugar level or relying on caffeine which can both result in an energy crash later.

Here are five different kinds of herbs that will naturally raise the energy level.

The Rhodiola plant is known to raise the performance levels and can be used in salads. It has been used in Russia and Scandinavia to help people tolerate the cold Siberian climate. Many use Rhodiola to prevent air sickness. Rhodiola can be purchased in capsule supplement form at the health food stores. The Rhodiola plant comes in capsules and powder form.

The Maca root is a member of the radish family. This substance is commonly sold in powder form. People can spoon it in salads and make smoothies from it. It safe to bake all kinds of things from cakes to cookies with maca. Maca is rich in vitamin C, B. and E. It can enhance sexual function, energy, and general overall health.

It is recommended not to add any hot and spicy ingredients or the health benefits of the maca root will be diminished. Health specialists recommend that maca only is used every other day.

Maca is great as it helps with mood, energy levels and overall health. A great side effect is it also helps promote healthy skin.

Ashwagandha means the smell of horse in the Scandinavian language. In Ayurvedic healing, Ashwagandha is perhaps the most powerful of all the healing herbs. It is called Indian Ginseng. Ashwagandha is known to be grown in mild climates such as India, northern Africa, and the Middle East. These days, areas of the United States that have very mild climates grow Ashwagandha.

This substance can be ingested through capsule form to relieve stress, fatigue, and relieve those moments when it is hard to concentrate on work. The plant also comes in powdered form that can be sprinkled into hot milk to help the relaxation and sleep processes. More than 200 studies have been done on ashwagandha to see how effective this substance is. The results have proven that ashwagandha can improve memory and reaction time, improve the immune system, slow degeneration of the brain cells, lower cholesterol, and much more. It contains amino acids.

Schisandra is a twining vine that is native to Asia, the United States, and China. Its dried fruit has been used medicinally in Chinese medicine. Schizandra is known as the dragon herb. It can increase the water supply in kidneys and other organs. Schizandra commonly comes in capsule form. Schizandra is very beneficial in improving the function of many bodily organs including the kidneys, lung, brain, and the liver.

Most of all, Schizandra can increase energy and is better than caffeine because this plant will not make you nervous. Schizandra comes in a tea form. Buddha sells Schizandra tea made from the Schisandra berries. The tea can be found in specialty markets in the United States. This tea can make a person feel youthful and energetic. Chinese women have regularly drunk this tea to help preserve their youthful beauty. This tea also has properties to help relieve stress and depression.

Cordyceps is a Chinese herb that is also found to enhance the bodily energy. The Chinese noticed centuries ago that sheep grazing on concepts was stronger and healthier for it. It is a fungus very similar to mushrooms. This fungus is grown in Nepal, China, Viet Nam, Thailand, Bhutan, and Tibet and sold in powder, capsule, form, Cordyceps was considered an anti-aging fungus that was a cure-all.

It builds up the immune system and increases the bodily strength. Cordyceps Sinclair is used to treating the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Cordyceps has been compared to ginseng in its ability to improve memory and stamina. There are different types of cordyceps including the wild type that is not only the best of all, it is also the most expensive to buy. In all, there are 400 different types of cordyceps grown.

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