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Calm By Wellness CBD Sleep Oil Tincture Review

Welcome to my review of Calm By Wellness, the organic, hemp-based, full-spectrum, US Grown, CBD, that is taking the CBD world by storm.

With so many new CBD brands entering the market, how does anyone know who to trust.

In this review, I am going to do all the work, and provide a fully comprehensive investigating into Calm by Wellness CBD Sleep Tincture.

As a seasoned veteran in the medical hemp industry, I've had a chance to review the extraction methods used, the source material and the COA (test results from a certified testing lab), I am in a unique position to provide a real review of the company and their product. 

If you are still reading this, you are probably just as excited as I was, so let's jump in and find out if this CBD is a good fit for you and your unique situation.

What Is Calm By Wellness Sleep CBD Oil Tincture?

Calm by Wellness Sleep CBD Oil Tincture is a high quality, broad spectrum tincture, extracted via Co2 from organic full spectrum hemp, which is used to promote deep, restful, natural sleep.

Product Details:
Bottle Size: 30ml
CBD Amount: 500mg
CBD Type: Broad Full Spectrum Hemp Derived
Ingredients: Broad spectrum CBD with natural terpenes.
Price: $64.00 (depending on current discounts).

How Does Calm By Wellness Stack Up

Calm by wellness CBD products are made from the CO2 extraction of CBD and natural Terpenes, 100% organic, full spectrum, non-psychoactive hemp plants, all grown here in the United States of America.

All lab tests results on the certificate of analysis (called a COA) can be found on either the products individual QR code, or on the company's official website: CalmByWellness
Each lab report shows the date tested and the results, so you have confidence that anything you put in your body has been lab tested.

Each sample is tested for the following:
Cannabinoid Percentage (CBD)
Terpenoid Count (terpenes)
Bacteria Count
Heavy Metals

The COA clearly states that all the bad stuff is well within acceptable levels, while the good stuff (the CBD content) is testing at 92%, which means you are purchasing a high quality, safe and highly potent CBD tincture.

About Calm by Wellness The Company

The mission of Calm by Wellness is to provide easy access to the highest quality CBD available.  And with the mission in mind as a measuring stick, it's pretty easy to understand why they are the most trusted CBD brand available.

Calm by Wellness CBD is a US based Hemp CBD company, featuring a full assortment of tinctures, gummies, lotions (topicals) all grown from organic Hemp here in the United States.

What makes Calm by Wellness unique is their CBD contains broad spectrum cannabidiol, derived from the hemp plant.

More on that later, for now let's look at the pros and cons.

  • Extracted from Organic Hemp
  • Highest-Quality US Grown Ingredients
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • It is still expensive for quality.
  • Lab results while accurate, are confusing.
  • CBD is still working to remove it's negative stigma.

Final Thoughts On Calm By Wellness CBD

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of CBD.  I've personally been using it for anxiety, depression and even to help with my appetite for a few years now, so for me, it's really not a question of is CBD for me.. it's which CBD is for me.

And for me, after extensive research, and testing, I choose Calm by Wellness CBD.  It has everything I am looking for, is extracted here in the US and is ideal for me. 

I suggest you try it for yourself and see the difference, that high quality CBD can provide.

With that said, I give Calm by Wellness the company, my top recommendation.